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Emergency Pet Preparedness & First Aid Class

Ledyard C.H.A.I.N. is happy to sponser this class which will be presented by the Connecticut Emergency Response Service or CT E.A.R.S. If you are a pet owner or work in a field that this information could be beneficial we urge you to sign up. They will be covering how to make sure you're ready for disasters that may impact your pets. What you should always have on hand in case of emergencies. Tips for evacuating with your pets. And ways to create a Pet Preparedness Plan. They will discuss basic pet first aid, including how to address common pet emergencies such as toxic ingestion, injuries, choking, and others, as well as how to safely transport your pet to an animal hospital, and what resources are available in emergency situations. The class is only $20.00 per person, which includes a handbook, materials, and a raffle ticket for your chance to win one of their popular EARS Pet First Aid Kits. Payment is due on the day of the event BUT YOU MUST REGISTER PRIOR TO THE EVENT. To register go to: This will be a very cool class so you will not want to miss it. It is only open to 20 people so don't delay. For more details go to:

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