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The fact remains that we cannot do what we do without your help. Every bit of energy, time, and financial support you give us allows us to make life better for one more animal, allows one more animal to get the medical treatment it needs, fills one more hungry tummy, and brings one more to safety.
Our needs vary depending on the project we are working on. So keep a look here for the different ways you can lend a hand and also join our Facebook Group as we always post our needs there also.

Note: Ledyard C.H.A.I.N. does not offer any volunteer work with the animals at the shelter. The Town of Ledyard does not allow this due to liability reasons.


​​Help make a difference and sign up
to volunteer today!

​If you would like to help out at our next event or with a project please send me your contact info, what you would be interested in doing, and the days or times you are available. Please put "Volunteer" in the subject line.  I will add you to our volunteer list. Thank you!!


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