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Ledyard C.H.A.I.N. Lost Pet Squad

The Ledyard Lost Pet Squad is a group of volunteers who want to be able to be help, when they are available, in the event a pet goes missing or is found in their neighborhoods. You may help by offering any of the following services:


  1. Be sure the Ledyard Animal Control has been notified.

  2. Alert neighbors so they can also be on the lookout.

  3. Drive or walk through the neighborhood.

  4. Assist the pet owner in making and/or putting up signs, posters, and flyers.

  5. Help by calling, faxing, or sharing info to social media, vets, animal controls, doggie daycares, and groomers in the area.

  6. Be an additional contact person for the pet owner if they are unavailable during certain times of the day.

  7. In cases where a trap has to be set for a missing pet, offer to periodically check on the trap.


If you are interested in being one of our volunteers please fill out the info needed below and we will add you to our list.