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2018/19 Fixed For Life Voucher Program

Ledyard C.H.A.I.N. is proud and thankful to be able to assist the Ledyard Animal Control and residents within our community with vouchers that will pay towards the cost to spay and neuter their pets! The vouchers will pay $100 towards a cat and $200 towards a dog spay or neuter. And this year we have been able to add a voucher that will pay $30 towards vaccinations!

This is open to Ledyard, Gales Ferry, and Preston residents! Attached find a flyer that has a few more details. Call or email with your address to get an application.

Note: We are signing up the veterinarians that wish to take part and I have not heard back from all. So, let me know the name of your vet and if they have not responded I will try to nudge them a little to see if they will take part again this year.

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